Hints Escape Box FIXcity Politie

Welcome to the hints page of FiXcity the police. It could happen that you get stuck while playing the escapebox. This page is designed espcially for that.

On this page you find the answers to all your questions. Our advice would be to not look for the answer to fast, because then you will go through this box without really enjoying the puzzles, and that would be a shame. In the end it is a puzzle game, so getting stuck on a puzzle is part of the experience. These hints are for when the entire group is stuck beacuse of a puzzle you can’t solve.

These hints are dived into different stadiums of the game. Good luck with the hint and we hope you enjoy the rest of the game.

If your question isn’t listed, please sent an email to fixcity2020@gmail.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Start of the game

What day was it on November 28, 2015? You can use the ‘calendar’ on your mobile.

The code ‘347763’ or ‘34 776 3’

Envelope 1

There’s something in the text about the license plate. Where’s the broken license plate located?

A license plate always consists of a letter -digit combination.

In this case the license plate is build up as the following: 2 letters – 3 digits – 1 letter.

The code is GH-912-H or GH912H

Envelope 2

You can turn paper into a square gag and take over the eyes of the dice from the puzzle. With a dice, the eyes of opposite sides are always seven together. This way you also know which eyes are on the non-visible sides.

(If you take a regular dice, these eyes will not be in accordance with the dice that is pictured. But of course you are not supposed to do this, because all the essentials are in the box. Be resourceful.)

The code is 5162

If you don’t have a gun yet, you can’t get on with this part.

Did you really take a good look at the gun? Blood-splatters all have a unique shape.

In the evidence box you see three icons, pay particular attention to these three colors.

Keep the shoe in the same direction as the shoe of the evidence. A number can also be written as text. (Keeping distance or taking a photo may help.)

Let me explain it perfectly: the length of the hair reveals something about the perpetrator. He’s got really long hair. Does the length of the hair reveal anything else?


Think of a connection between numbers and letters

Blood: 8 =8th  letter of the alphabet:  H

Shoe: 5 = 5th  letter of the alphabet:  E

Hair: 9 = 9th  letter of the alphabet:  I

Fingerprint: 14 =14th  letter of the alphabet:  N

Envelope 3

Some puzzles you need later on in the game.

If you shine the UV light into the car (box), something will become visible. In total you can find 7 letters.

The code is PASTOR

Envelope 4

There was a shoe print next to the candles. Sometimes you need to use previously created (or used) puzzle parts again.

is a plastic sheet with candles and holes in it. Put it over the shoe print. What’s going to be at the place of the question marks?

If you have the shoe print well colored, all the horizontal candles will have a different color (hole), also, they all have a different shape. Which candle (and what color) are you missing?

The code is SHRINE

Envelope 5

Did you listen to the interview properly? In this interview Jos Dopper gives a hint.

Use your cell phone. If you type in google: year of construction [car license plate], you get data from the car.

The code is 2011

Envelope 6

Besides the supplies for the spray, there was something else in this envelope. Have you used this item yet? Tip: Use it to open the tape on the bottom of the box. Criminal cars sometimes have fake bottoms.

The code is 11:55 p.m.

Envelope 7

You now have a total of nine coins, because coin eight was in the box. Put them in the right place on the map. Use the sudoku for this.

If the coins are in the right place, you can turn them over. Turn the coins into place to create a new route.

The latitude consists of eight digits.

The longitude consists of seven digits.

Of course, if the route goes over a coin a second time, you will also need to write this number down again.

The code is 3675